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McCarthy students performing at Roswell Park!

McCarthy students performing at Roswell Park!

The McCarthy Parent group is a dynamic group of moms, dads, and grandparents who come together to support the dancers of the McCarthy School.  In addition to meeting formally about 4 times a year to make decisions about fundraising, costumes, and how to spend our money, we also get together just for the fun of it.  We’ve been known to go bowling, roller skating, Fantasy Island, Happy Hours, and have movie nights to name a few. By having a child enrolled in the McCarthy School of Irish Dance you are automatically an esteemed member of our Parent Group.  Join now so you don’t miss any of the fun!

A unique aspect of the McCarthy School of Irish Dance is that instead of purchasing your school costume,  the McCarthy Parents Group rents students their school jumper or school dress.  Students in jumpers pay $65 per year and students in school dresses pay $110 per year.

The McCarthy Parents Group hosts new parent coffee sessions at the beginning of each year to help acclimate new families to all there is to know about the world of Irish Dance as well as provides “buddies” for student’s first Feis!

McCarthy Parent’s Group does fundraisers throughout the year including Celtic Christmas, which will be held on December 20th at Niagara Falls High School.